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Cool Communications

The unacceptable high heat loads generated by IT and telecommunications equipment led Telefocus Limited and 'Autobytel' to install Fujitsu split air conditioners.

Both the first-floor offices and call centre at Telefocus have been fitted with Fujitsu wall units with a cooling output ranging from 3.45kW to 6.75kW. Air flow throughout the rooms is evenly distributed using an on-board microcomputer program that matches air flow with changes in room temperature. This was followed by an equally successful installation at 'Autobytel' in its third-floor offices, call centre and training rooms. At the Milton Keynes site, 10 Fujitsu ceiling cassettes with a cooling output ranging from 5.4kW to 12.7kW have been fitted.

As well as the computer controlled air flow distribution feature provided by the wall units, the cassettes also offer a valuable Energy Save routine. On reaching setpoint Energy Save allows the room temperature to rise by two degrees in the cooling mode (or fall by four degrees when applied to the heat pump version) at a rate of one degree per hour. The result is valuable energy saving without the occupants experiencing a marked change in room temperature.

Solicitors Stay Cool

Refurbishment of the 3rd and 4th floors at the Bevan Ashford Solicitors offices led to the installation of twenty AUY18 Fujitsu ceiling cassettes. Each floor has been divided into cellular offices located around the perimeter of the building with an open-plan area at the core. The original heating system was designed for an open-plan area with radiators installed along the perimeter walls. Consequently, the new cellular offices benefit from the radiator system but the open-plan areas were without any form of direct heat. Sixteen Fujitsu AUY18A cooling only models have been installed in the cellular offices, with four AUY18R heat pump versions in the open-plan area, providing both cooling and heating to the building core.

The cassettes are designed with four-way directional airflow providing the contractor with the flexibility of selecting two to four supply outlets dependent upon installation restrictions and user requirements. The slim design of the cassettes requires only 250mm of ceiling void, with a 20mm ceiling grille providing an almost flush fitting.

The Fujitsu ceiling cassette range covers cooling only and heat pump models starting at a compact 3.65kW output of cooling up to an impressive 12.4kW. Reverse heat pump models also provide from 4.00kW up to 13.4kW of heating.

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