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Industry Organisations

CEDIA - http://www.cedia.co.uk/launch.html

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Key Publications

Home Cinema Choice - http://www.homecinemachoice.com
What Plasma and LCD TV – http://whatplasmamag.com
What Home Cinema – http://www.whathomecinemamag.com
What Video and Wide Screen TV – http://www.whatvideotv.com
Stuff - http://www.stuffmagazine.co.uk
T3 - http://www.t3.co.uk
Digital Home - http://www.digitalhomemag.com
Hi-Fi News - http://www.hifinews.com
AV Tech - http://www.milleraudioresearch.com/avtech/avtech_1.html
What Hi-Fi - http://www.whathifi.com
AV Review - http://www.avreview.co.uk
Hidden Wires - http://hiddenwires.co.uk
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British Audio Journal - http://www.britishaudiojournal.com
Custom Installer/Inside Hi-Fi - http://www.insidehi-fi.co.uk
AV Magazine - http://www.avinteractive.co.uk
AV News - http://www.avnews.co.uk
What’s New in Sound & Vision - http://www.soundandvisionmagazine.co.uk

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Key Industry Partners

KEF - http://www.kef.com
Rotel - http://www.rotel.com
B&W - http://www.bwspeakers.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/global.main
Denon - http://www.denon.com
Arcam - http://www.arcam.co.uk
Acoustic Energy - http://www.acoustic-energy.co.uk
Harman Kardon - http://www.harmankardon.com
PMC - http://www.pmcloudspeaker.com
Naim - http://www.naim-audio.com

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