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Guaranteed to make you forget where you are

Finally, home entertainment has really come home. Gone are the days when you have to go to the cinema to be completely engulfed by a film, or the theatre to fully appreciate a show. The image clarity and precision of this liquid crystal projector means that now you can feel like you're actually there, without moving from the comfort of your own home. You can watch whatever you like, whenever you like and with whoever you like.

With a projected image approaching 300 inches, the LPF-B601 features top-level illumination of 1000 ANSI lumens and high contrast of 800:1, a new optical engine and compatibility with 720p HDTV standard, all weighing in at just 5kg.

Other features include:

  • Compatibility with the full range of image data options
  • I/P conversion function, which reduces screen flicker and reproduces smooth video with high density colours
  • Cooling fans next to each heat-producing part, reducing fan noise by 35%
  • Fine mode contrast technology, providing optimum brightness levels
  • Short focal length, allowing you to project onto a large screen from as close up as you need to according to your room dimensions
  • Four picture modes, allowing you to view different mediums at optimum quality
  • Digital zoom, allowing image expansion of up to 20 times the original
  • Picture-in-picture function, allowing a video image to be displayed within the main image
If you're not transported to a different world by your choice of film, we can guarantee you'll at least be transported to a different cinema by your choice of projector.

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LCD Projectors and Projector Screen:

Welcome to the home of LCD projectors on the Fujitsu website.

Here you can find our answer to finding the best projector screen (LCD projectors) online. With LCD projectors now a mainstay of both larger company boardrooms and smaller companies looking to deliver a strong technological message to its clients, the LCD projectors from Fujitsu offer a projector screen of unmatched quality. The LCD projectors offer exceptional luminosity and deliver a projector screen that offers first class presentations that can be seen even in a well-lit room. With Fujitsu's LCD projectors you get all the high end features you would expect from a company specialising in a projector screen of quality. The features of the LCD projectors include built in remote control to enable you to make dynamic, powerful presentations which - with the projector screen quality from Fujitsu - will help capture and hold your audience's attention.

Data projectors and Digital Projectors:

For data and digital projectors Fujitsu is able to offer from its portfolio of projector screen solutions the LPF-6200

, the LPF-7200 and the LPF-8200 - data and digital projectors. Each of the data projectors are designed for a specific purpose. With the data projectors from Fujitsu you can use them quite easily in portable training rooms as well as the digital projectors for lecture theatres. If you want to find out more about the data projectors or digital projectors made by Fujitsu certain data projectors information is supplied in the Adobe Acrobat Format (PDF). Ensuring that you have this free reader installed will enable you to read more detailed information about our data projectors and how the digital projectors we product can help you deliver dynamic, high impact presentations. The LPF-8200 data projectors is the ultimate tool for delivering powerful presentations - with an exceptional luminosity of 2300 ANSI Lumens and a range of features, including optional lenses, for specialist applications. It is ideal for use in lecture theatres and auditoriums where digital projectors can sometimes fail.

Here are some of the remarkable features of the data projectors from Fujitsu:

Digital Projectors : And the image quality of excellence

The LPF-7200 is the definitive conferencing and installation projector. With an exceptional brightness of 2800 ANSI Lumens and a range of features including lens shift and digital keystone correction it is the ultimate presentation tool.

So if you are looking for LCD projectors for your projector screen which will offer unparalleled data projection look to Fujitsu for your digital projection solutions.